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what has helped me fight facial acne

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I've been struggling with acne bouts ever since my Senior Year in H.S. I have moderate acne bouts every 3 months that's because I vary from my "health" track, hey I'm human.

I had two roomates in college. One was a total nutrionist neat freak and the other chewed tobacco and drank mountain dew. The "healthy" one had bouts of acne and the mountain dew kid barely ever.

The healthy one consumed milk everyday and used medication & face wash. The mountain dew kid didn't use face wash but I did notice a little zit on his face if he had pizza.

Some advice that helped clear my face. :hand:

1. No milk or CHEESE (Pizza and Spaghetti are the worst culprits avoid)

2. Non-fat Organic Yogurt is ok, if no added sugar

3. No nuts & red meat (high iodine)

4. Ease off the white bread, have half a slice instead of two whole pieces.

5. Lastly NO FRIED FOODS (they give me clear sebum chunks in my forehead that I have to squeeze out)

my problem is that my face clears up, then I go party, get drunk, and eat a lot of fatty foods, I won't get zits till 2 days later and I know its from the junk.

Supplements (DO not take them every day) :dance:

1. B-Complex (Take it every other day) Don't go for the megadoses, you'll just piss neon green coolaid out. Great for hangovers, trust me.

2. Zinc with copper (take it every other other day)

3. Calcium Citrate

Don't take any of the supplements at the same time. Calicum negates Zinc, B Vitamins need to be separate.

Lastly, :shock:

1. No stress No stress No stress

2. Workout, Exercise

3. Hang out with your friends, who cares.

4. No FACE WASH (cool-warm water only) use egg whites or natural astringents sparingly.

Everytime I go by a face wash I get a bunch of minizits, that stuff is pointless.

Think about it, we shower every day and wash our faces at night. Look at people in the middle east and africa they barely have acne. God (Nature) has provided man with the ability to heal and thrive. Benzoyl Peroxide has done nothing for me, just red marks, water just leaves dry skin no marks.

Just wanted to share my experience with all of you. Keep your heads up, many of us face this.

;) Don't feel bad, I know people who have the best skin but they have other debiliating ailments. Not everyone is perfect.

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Why are nuts bad for the skin?

Im wondering the same. I think they are good for you. Satured fats arent bad. Nuts like almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts contain alot of good nutrients... but if they contain iodine, I dont know where can I see that?

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WALNUTS, raw walnuts? how can they be bad? THey're natural... no salt or anything.

I've heard peanuts cause acne, but I don't notice any bad effect when I eat natural peanut butter.

Too much milk, yogurt and oily fried foods do affect me.

I get flashing light headaches from the milk and achey joints from the yogurt and fried foods so they probably aren't good for my face so I TRY to avoid them.

Avoid milk products and too much oil / fried foods. Good point.

I've been washing with just water and my face does seem to be healing faster than when I used BP. I still am getting zits though but they are diminishing now after an initial breakout.

Washing with just water and not using topicals and washes etc. GOod point.

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