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hrmm derm gave me new stuff

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so my current regimen is cetaphil wash morning and night, morning bp/salicylic lotion, night - tazorac

works pretty well. don't get many big pimples anymore but lots of small small bumps

derm gave me today - duac and told me to use with tazorac, some new face wash to use instead of cetaphil

so duac and tazorac at night, salex in morning should i switch?

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listen to your derm. not faceless entities over the internet.

yeah but what i've been using is working well so far, probably cleared me up 80%+

not sure if i should take some mroe % leaps cause it might make me break out more

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listen to your derm. not faceless entities over the internet.

I've gotten much better advice from acne.org then I ever have from my dermatologist. Maybe I need a new one, but my point is that just because someone is a dermatologist, it doesn't necessarily mean he knows what he's talking about. Dermatologists deal with all types of skin conditions, not just acne, so sometimes their knowledge is more general and sometimes straight up misinformed. For example, my dermatologist had me on tetracycline for awhile, which helps for about a month or two but can cause you to break out terribly as soon as you stop taking it.

With that said, give the new cleansers a shot and see how your skin reacts - if your condition worsens, switch back to your old regimen.

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