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Any experience with the zeno device?

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Hi, I came across this device a month or so ago when web surfing. has anyone had experience with this product?

It appeals to me because it is a safe and non-chemical method. But I can't find any good reviews about it.

It is also quite expensive- I think it was 300 bucks. The instructions for use say to hold it on a pimple as soon as you become aware of it ( hopefully before it surfaces) and after 2 min or so the targeted heat kills all the p.acnes, and therefore the pimple goes away completely in a couple of hours.

Sounds good, but I need more info.

I have moderate body acne on my chest, shoulders, back and upper arms and very sensitive skin. I refuse to use methods with potentially harmful side effects ( such as Accutane)

At this point I mostly treat my acne with daily salt baths and a homemade body spray I came up with to keep inflammation away (strong chammomile tea/green tea/lavender essential oil/seasalt/vodka) It doesn't irritate my skin and seems to help things heal better.

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Yep, I've tried it and wasn't impressed. For one, the device is expensive, but you also have to buy replacement tips that cost about 33 cents per usage (you use it 2-3 times for each zit). Secondly, it is not effective on deep pimples - the Zeno literature says so. Third, it didn't work for me at all. Fourth, even in the best case, the zits don't clear up in hours, but in a day or two.

I have read of several others on this site who used Zeno and wasn't impressed with the results. My impression is that it may be effective for people who have very few surface level pimples. In that case, who needs to spend $300 and about a buck per pimple?

My wife tried it a couple times (she doesn't get many pimples) and thought it worked for her.


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I saw this at the derm last week when I took my daughter. They charge $150 for it, not $300. Maybe you all are getting ripped off. My daughter wanted to try it, but I don't really like gimmicks and again, this device only treats the symptoms (pimples) of acne, not the cause. I wouldn't spend the money on it unless I heard rave reviews, which I haven't.

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I've owned one for like the last 6 months or more.

I'm not sure if it actually does much. My problem is mainly millons of clogged pores and a handful of cysts/noduals (i.e., deeper non popable [unless I get lucky ;) on my face. As someone already mentioned, and as the literature mentions it's not really proven to work on cysts/noduals. I'll just call them cysts for now since I can't spell nodual. =)

Cysts are brutal to cure by any method. So it's probably not fair to evaluate the zeno on them.

One thing though, I thought it was a pain in the ass to hold it on each zit. You can only do three zits in succession for like 2 minutes each, then wait several minutes and start again.

If you have lots of zits this would be impractical and a royal time commitment. I typically would just have 3 or four big zits at a time that I was working on so it wasn't too bad, though it was still a major time commitment.

Also, after you do a two minute session, for me at least, it left a dime size red patch that was super red and lasted for several hours. Thus, if you do it in the morning or during the day on exposed areas, you would definitely have to appy come cover up.

Just thought I'd pass that on. For the typical popable zit, it might very well stop it in its tracks. But once you pop a popable zit it usually goes away very quickly (for me). It's went you can't pop it that it lives for seemingly forever. =(

Good Luck!

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I bought a Zeno from Walgreens for 149.00 dollars. It helps on the little ones and makes them go away faster. It doesn't work as well for the deep cysts that I get occasionaly. I going to keep it around for the smaller ones.

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the user reviews over on amazon.com are overwhelmingly positive. As with anything like that, there is always a possibility that a bunch of those people work for the company and are doing it to artificially boost the product. However, I would be more leery if there were just a handful of reviews, as opposed to the 40+ that are there on amazon.com. It still makes me wonder though, if indeed the user reviews away from the site are decidely more mixed than what exists on amazon.com.

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.. actually, the way to tell if an amazon user review is suspect or not is by looking to see if that person has other non-related reviews posted to amazon. If they do, then they aren't likely to be a shill for the company. I doubt anyone is going to the trouble of posting other reviews just to create an aura of credibility. :D

below I've posted a link which features some more user reviews on drugstore.com. Strange how wildly divergent the opinions seem to be, i.e., they either love it or hate it. Btw, their online price matches the Walgreens price posted earlier in the thread ($150).


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I own one. I actually rather like it, though I'm not totally sold on it being completely effective.

The heat doesn't really bother me. It does leave a small red mark, but I found it faded within the hour and didn't leave any sort of blisters. I think it works pretty well on popable zits, but not really so great on the cyst-type ones. The product literature says its not for those and has not been tested/proven for them, so I can't really hold that against them. I did find that I had smaller redmarks on popable zits when I used it, and in some cases you can barely tell I ever had a zit there at all.

BUT, if you have a bunch of pimples, this is a colossal waste of time and money. It takes like 10 minutes just to do three, for example. Plus the cartridge gets used up a lot faster than you expect, so you're shelling out approx. $30 bucks pretty often for replacement cartridges.

I got mine for around $200 on skinstore.com (had a coupon). I wouldn't spend $300 since full street price is $225 (at least when I bought mine it was) and it sounds like there are much better deals to be had if you shop around.

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The general consensus is that it's only good for very mild acne. And pretty specific mild acne from what i read. Surface like pimples.

The problem is that most mild cases of acne will contain alot of comedonal, not too inflammatory acne. That stuff doesn't really need to heal, it needs to be unplugged, if you like. You don't need a device like this to do that, it's not even a good, or convenient modality IMO.

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I actually find that it works best on cystic like pimples but only if you catch them early. the kind that are under the skin and painful. Those usually take 1 month to disappear for me, but with Zeno they could be gone in as little as 3 or 4 days. I find tho that it gets rather expensive cus you have to purchase refills.

i find the heat is great for inflammatory pimples. It does not work tho on the following: whitehead, or blackheads.

overall, i like my Zeno even though it is quite an investment.

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