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for those who tried and is not working!!!

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GUYS!!! GIRLS!!!! this is the best ACNE treatment (maybe not treatment but acne prevention) on the WORLD!!.. i started it over a year ago and with time you just know how and what to do to minimize acne.. ok from my experience this is what helps me..

do the regimen TWICE a day.. morning and before going to sleep.. i use N on the spot/ purpose bar/ and the eucerin reneval , this combination works best for me.... and now here is a trick..

PEOPLE say that you can eat whatever you want to and it does not effect ACNE..well they are LYING!!!!... try to avoid CHOCOLATE !!!! this one is couses ACNE like crazy!!! no chocolate in any form!!! also spicy foods give me acne , KETCHUP(this one is the worst for me) and BBQ souce.. DRINK plenty of water (i mean WATER no JUICE and SWEAT SODAS) and go to the GYM or do some sports...last one !!! DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! squeeze your pimples only when they look like they are almost out on their own... for people who have oily faces... you can take that oil of with THIN(those cheap looking they use in the bar ) napkins do not WIPE your face just kind of put the whole napkin covering your face and pressure aggainst your face.. you will see that your oil is gone for few hours.... so remember DANS REGIMEN WORKS but acne doesn`t only start on the OUTSIDE of the skin.. IT ALSO comes from your hormones and if they are in wrong levels NO MATTER what u use you will still get acne.. so EAT RIGHT, EXERCISE, DRINK WATER, DON`T TOUCH YOUR FACE and see RESULTS in 2 WEEKS!!! :o)

hope it will help some of you!! try it guys for 2 weeks and i bet you will see a difference.!

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