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Disaster after medium depth peel

I had a blue peel 3 and half months back.On the 8th day I went to my doctor & i had some peeling skin on both sides of my cheeks,with a forcep he slowly removed the peeling skin on both sides (I knew that you shouldnt peel out your peeling skin but i didnt want to question what he was doing,I thought he knew what he was doing and that was my biggest mistake).

Those areas were dipped and very red after that happened,i thought those would recover by itself but now its been 3 and half months,the redness is alot less but it is the skin in those areas which are quite large are totally dipped.I dont know if this is a scar it is very difficult to explain,they are uneven with otherpart of my skin,they are depressed,i can also slightly feel it when i rub my fingers there,sort of like when you see people with chubby face with different fat distribution.I know this has nothing to do with fat distribution cause only those areas are red and dipped where he peeled out.When i stretch my skin out there they level out around 80% but when i leave it it looks dipped and depressed,uneven.

I went to around 5 derms/plastic surgeons ,no one can explain anything to me properly.They say its nothing or it will recover byitself.The doctor who did it doesnt comment anything on it says its nothing but i know that something is wrong cause i saw it in his face.The only doctor who is seeing me for years told me that the collagen is destroyed there and will prob recover byitself and sometimes can be permanenet but i dont think this is collagen destruction.HAs anyone experienced anything like this ? i dont know if its some sort of scarring but the docs should have been able to tell me then.

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Something similar happened to me. I have very sensitive skin,

suffer from allergies and no history of acne.

A year ago i used a serum that was recommended to me by

a sales girl who said it was o.k. for sensitive skin.

After using it , made my skin very red and caused indents.

I knew i burnt myself, the next day while washing my face

a flake of peeling skin fell off and bleed slightly,like when you get a

scratch ( near my nose area).

Two days later the skin near my nose felt very tight and painful.

Later that area became depress like as if the fat is gone.

I saw 4 dermatologist, three didn't have a clue.

But the fourth one who was a dermatologist surgeon who

deals with chemical peels told me the product i used was

too strong for me, especially because i have very sensitive

skin. He asked me if i peeled any dry skin, i told him it bleed

while i was washing. He thinks because i had an injury while

my skin was burning may have caused the tissue loss.

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yes i think its exactly the same thing.It looks horirble to me-much worse than any acne scar i have ,i dont know if this is ever gonna fill up looks really bad from distance and certain angles as if i got severe scarring .

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