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I no longer get white heads, I just get blackheads now. Is that better or worse than white heads, or does it not make a difference? What is good for getting rid of black heads?

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Personally, I have an easier time with blackheads because mine don't get infected and gross looking like my whiteheads can.

I haven't heard of anything getting reid of blackheads successfully, other than extraction...which you have to be VERY careful with or they will get infected and gross looking. sad.gif I think I read that BP doesn't help blackheads....anyone else heard that?

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I hardly get any whiteheads, maybe one or two a day, and that isnt that much. I have a big problem with blackheads though, a HUGE problem with them on my nose. They are VERY hard for me to get rid of and they make my skin oily, so its a trade off for me.

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in my opinion, blackheads are the better of the two because they're not red and inflammed "look at me!", know what i mean? you can only see them when you get up close. if they're the open blackheads (where you can actually see dark colored stuff in the pore, those are pretty easy to get rid of. i'd much rather have blackheads.

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