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Guest Sincerely_Me

Sincerely_Me's Doxy & Differin Log.

Guest Sincerely_Me

I started a CSR log a few months back, and now that the CSR has taken a back seat to this for a while, I thought I'd find a more appropriate forum to put this in, and maybe give some people who are going to start the same "regimen" I am on now a look at how it is.

Let me start off with some background:

I'm 19 years old, Sophomore in college and have been suffering with acne since around middle school. My acne actually started not too long before I got my period, and it seemed worse since the day I actually did. Acne doesn't run in my family, though I know for sure on my mom's side it's the case. My dad however, is adopted, he didn't have acne, but God knows about the rest of his family. I've always had mild acne, not just a pimple here and there, but it's persistent. For many of the years it was actually just on my forehead, and only in the past year or so has it actually started happening on my cheeks and chin. It's still mild, but still annoying. I have sensitive skin, but BP never really did irritate me too much, and it did and still does help, but the fact that my acne would never subside frustrated me, but I dealt with it for years and felt like shit because of it. I have not come across people who are unfriendly about my acne, I actually get very many compliments on my looks, so I guess to some people, acne really isn't that big of a deal. I'm sure I'd be more satisfied with the compliments if my skin wasn't always a constant worry. My mom has always been concerned about my acne and has always tried to be helpful in treating it, but as most people are, she's a bit naive and uneducated. My brother always used to tease me about my acne, but he actually developed moderate acne which surprised me...and when he went to the doctor he was prescribed Doxycycline. I, on the other hand had never even considered asking for a real prescription to do something about my skin, but just last week, I decided to give it a shot. I had a few failed attempts with the OTC products, and even products like ProActive. I did the CSR for a while and it definitely worked (so give that a go if you haven't already!) but after not doing it religiously for a bit, my acne was back and a little worse. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed 100 MG's of Doxycycline, I take one pill in the morning and one at night, and on top of that I also got 0.01% Differin Cream to use topically before bed.

I've been doing this for a few days now, and so far I see a bit of improvement, and I'm not a person that just see's what they want to see. I was afraid I would be irritated by the Differin, but apparently the cream is better on sensitive skin, so my skin isn't itchy in the slightest or even red. Doxy is really the only thing I have an "issue" with, it makes me a bit naseous, but I know it takes your body a while to get used to any antibiotic, so I'm giving it time. I've made it a point not to eat directly after taking it, as I read that can cause the medicine to be less effective, so I usually wait a few hours before I eat anything.

Doxy worked well for my brother, so I'm hoping for the best with myself, I'm hoping the outcome is clear skin, even if it's only temporary. The next step if this isn't it for me? I don't know. I doubt they'd prescribe Accutane to someone who only has mild acne, but you never know.

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Wow, so my face looks GREAT today :D I haven't been irritated at all with any of this stuff, so I'm excited. I'm not exactly sure how potent the Differin is, but I'm guessing that it may be the cause of my face clearing so quickly.

I have had zero new breakouts which is a relief since I've been getting them lately, but I am surprised it's all happening so fast. It's like, my acne starts to really get shitty, but then a few days of this new regimen and it's all good? I heard SO many bad things about Differin, and I know everyone is different, but I'm impressed.

Hmmm...not much else to say regarding my face. This may not turn out to be such a "log" afterall since it's going so well.

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