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Is it ok for me to go into the Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer?

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I've been on the regimen for about 9 days. I experienced some stinging and burning the first couple of days, but for the past 6 or so days I've experience very little to no stinging at all after applying moisturizer after the BP. It slightly stings then goes away in 1 minute, as opposed to before it took 2-3 hours for stinging to go away. Since I don't get any real stinging anymore do you think it's ok for me to switch to Eucerin Renewal SPF-15 right now? I know it's only been 9 days and it says to wait a couple of weeks but I think it might be ok. What do you guys think?

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Ok I just bought some of that Eucerin Renewal... BUT, I don't quite understand this. The one that's linked from Dan's site to drugstore.com Is Eucerin (FACE) Renewal SPF15. The one I bought looks ALMOST the same, same shape but the label is abit different. It says Eucerin (SENSITIVE FACIAL SKIN) Renewal SPF15. Both are AHA. The ingrediants are just the same but the active ingrediants are abit different. Is this okay?

Btw, the back on both is also identical. Both say same stuff like Works without drying, stinging, flaking irritating dry skin. Gently exfoliates. Protects against sun. Fragrence free, non comedigenic and non irritant etc... So is this the same stuff only with a different art on the label?

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