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Finally finished with accutane

Accutane has saved my life. I used to have 4 - 6 huge cysts and my whole face was littered with white heads or red bumps that are left when white heads go away. I have no active acne now, I still have tons of marks and a few acne scars but i've never been happier. My confidence has sky rocketed also

It took accutane over 3 months to start working for me and i had an initial breakout that was hell.

I'll go through what you'll need to get through your course other people that have been through it add in please with your experiences. This is how its worked for me

First you'll need paitence. It takes a long time for accutane to work and it gets worse before it gets better.

Hair- will get very dry, i've had wavy hair and it became frizzy and wavier then ever.

Solution- Dove shampoo and conditioner <- the conditioner caused hair to fall out more then normal. Effectiveness was about 50 % of pre accutane levels.

Eyes- My eyes got drier but not enough to bother me. (allergies killed me but that was taken care of) Eye drops help Effectiveness was about 50 % of pre accutane levels.

Skin- Cetaphil cleanser and purpose face lotion Effectiveness was about 100 % of pre accutane levels.

Lips- My biggest problem, Use aquaphor and dr dans cortibalm help. I used to wake up with my lips bleeding and my lips took a HUGE pounding while on accutane. I tried everything and nothing worked

aquaphor and dr dans cortibalm will get you back to 40 % of pre accutane levels

Here's the general time frame for different chap sticks because i didnt want to wear cortibalm + aquaphor when your out or with your girl since its glossy.

Cortibalm alone- Works great and needs to be re applied every 20 - 30 min

Blistex - 15 - 20 min

Chapstick - 10 - 15 min

Hands- Rash will develop when its cold out. Wear gloves

Ears- I went to a concert and had tinnitus for 4 days ... it went away thank god, dont know if it had to do with accutane but i've never had this happen to me before

Solution: High Fidelity HEAROS earplugs

Using it this saturday so i'll let you know how well it works


Stay into the higher reps - 10 - 15 reps your joints will take a pounding with accutane. I messed up my knees while doing squats with low reps so watch out and stay with higher reps.

Hope this helps you guys


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You said the conditioner made your hair fall out? did your hair get thinner while on accutane? Did it go back to normal afterwards?

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I just finished i'll keep updating this thread to see if it goes back to normal, my hair got much drier (perhaps thinner but it was already thin but full and wavy)

I've tried, treseme, pantene, and dove all 3 conditioners made my hair fall out then when i just shampooed (measured by the hair left in the drain) so i blamed it on conditioner period.

I used pantene shampoo and conditioner which made it nor fall out as much

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4 months in

Hair is 95 % pre accutane levels

Skin is 70 % as oily as it was and i've had a few whiteheads :boohoo:

Hopefully i wont have to take a second course.

Accutane is the best drug out there, seeing as how nothing else worked for me, i've said it once and i'll say it again Accutane ROCKS!

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