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Guest chipmunk_spunk

Social Anxiety Disorder

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When I was diagnosed with SAD, I was given books at first. But, then I had to pay for Cognitive therapy and that completely dipleted by account in no time. It was $55 an hour twice a week for two hour minimum. And all she did was go over the same shit, over and over. Needless to say, It didn't do much for me but bring me down the more we talked about my Social Anxiety.

*I never went out on a date.

*I don't have friends.

*I don't go out socially at all or even goto the store for that matter.

*Never been sexually active. (loss of libdio as well)

So, it was no doubt in their minds that I was to be diagnosed with this. I was placed on 20mg of ProZ. That didn't help and I had to $100 per prescription every week for this. (Note: I was not eligiable for Free health care and my job didn't provide any Healthcare benefitst at all.)

After constant evaluations. Went from just ProZ to ProZ and Seroquel. That combination didn't work out and only gave me complete side effects. I was then, placed on Lexapro. Lexapro didn't work either. Tried Cymbalta, no go either. Tried Zoloft. Not very effective at all. I was then placed on a different MAOI. No difference either. I was then admitted to Pysch center where they monitored by day to day activities.

One thing the Pych Doctor notice was that, I clutched my pillow alot. He said I do it for support (friendship wise) because it's the only thing I can hold onto when I felt lonely and anxious. I gained alot of weight when I was in the hospital for that month. I went from 150lbs to 188 in 30days. I also was given electroshock type treatment. Basically, they put you under anesthia and the electroshock treatment restores the inbalanced chemicals in the brain.

This work partially, but you would need to keep consitant with it for atleast 6 months for it to be effective. I couldn't afford it.

At the sametime, I was placed on Wellbutrin XL (extended release)450. (Legally, It should be 300mg max, but 450 was needed to get the ball rolling) This was the only prescription to work. Basically, Wellbutrin mellows you out. You don't feel so anxious, if at all.

While I've since been off of it, I still don't feel inspired to be outside in public as some social butterfly smiling and cheesing with people I don't know. I've always been by myself, and I don't think that it will change in the near future.

Even without Acne or bad skin. Me socializing isn't going to happen.

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yes!!! i have this disorder plus other mental problems associated with anxiety and depression.

I am paranoid of what people think and say about me.I am a total weirdo with no friends no girlfriend no social life at all!

iam pretty much fucked up!

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I think I've had social anxiety disorder since I was a child. Everyone just told me I was shy and I'd eventually "come out of my shell."

I spent years sitting on the bench by myself at recess because I just couldn't seem to form relationships with other people. If people would try to talk to me, I'd panic and make a fool of myself. Hence people thought I was weird and started making fun of me, which only made my self-confidence issues worse. In high school I became extremely introverted and got labeled as the weird goth girl.

Now at 25 I still get nervous to call people on the phone, sometimes I physically have trouble speaking, I break out in red blotches on my body if I have to interact with people sometimes, and I'm obsessed with what people are thinking of me. When I was in college, I remember one time that we were going around the room giving our view on one part of a book we had read. I saw my turn coming up and my throat closed up, I had trouble breathing and I came very close to passing out.

Does that sound like Social Anxiety Disorder to those of you who know more about it?


That sounds kinda like me, only I skake, no red blotches....

I would always say I was shy and felt it was just my personality but it is seriously causing issues in my life. I feel like I need to develop skills to work around / with my anxiety & I would be okay, but its really hard to just put yourself out there.

People say shyness gets better with age, but it's kind of like acne: for some of us it is a life long struggle!

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yes!!! i have this disorder plus other mental problems associated with anxiety and depression.

I am paranoid of what people think and say about me.I am a total weirdo with no friends no girlfriend no social life at all!

iam pretty much fucked up!

me too. sucks don't it? :(

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i hate psychiatry, in how it has gained power and its ability to influnce law, and court verdicts. Also the medicalising of some forms of behaviour into something they call deviant.

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hey. is it weird that i can be extremely comfortable with strangers.. meeting them.. talking to them.. introducing myself if i have to ... giving speeches whatever.. but if i have to talk to someone i know.. or have seen be4 its harder much harder..

i tend to think its because im expected to be a certain way.. possibly what i was the last time they saw/spoke to me.. but im not sure its just always been better with strangers................................... i crave to be in a big city verses small.. closed in places

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