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Guest ThereIsHope

BRAND new to accutane

Guest ThereIsHope

So here's my story.

I'm a 17 year old female who has dealt with acne since puberty. (age 11) It started out very mild from 11 to age 14, and has progressivly gotten worse and worse and worse over the years. At age 15 I went to the derm and went on some antibiotics (cant remember the name) and differen. The antibiotics did NOTHING, and the differen only made my skin red, irritated, and broke out worse. Since then i've ditched the derm.

Over the past 2 years i've dried EVERYTHING. I've completely changed my diet, exersise, clean my pillowcases every night, drink lots of water, take all my vitamins and herbal supplements, tried proactive and pretty much every other "miracle" product or treatment out there. Some things helped a little, but over all, nothing has done anything to help or control my skin. Using BP for years has made my face dry, red, itchy, and I have more redmarks than there are people in china, but its the only thing that seems to MODERATELY help. So I keep using it. I've tried stopping, but the break outs that followed were too much to bear.

I would classify my acne as moderate/severe. I normally have small to large patches of whiteheads, blackheads, and 1 or 2 nodules or pustles over my forehead, chin, and lower cheeks/jawline. When under large amounts of stress or my "time of the months", I will often break out in patches of cysts and nodules. They're very painful. And its only getting worse.

I want accutane. I feel like its the only thing that going to help. I NEED for this acne to go away. Its ruining my life. I made an appointment for thursday with a new derm (I hated the other one) and plan on asking about accutane. Since i'm soooo new to this, I have no idea how to ask or what to say about accutane. I refuse to go on any antibiotics. Why should I pay money for a pill that will kill both the bad and GOOD bacteria in my body that will only mildly (if at all) help and then eventually grow an immunity to it?

Any tips on what to say to my derm? I have to get accutane. I just don't want to go through the whole antibiotics/gels/creams crap again. :(

Thanks for reading.

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Hi there! One thing I'd do is take a list of all the previous treatments you've tried (oral and topical) and stress how much acne is affecting your life. It might also help to read up on accutane and some of possible side effects - the derm will see that you've taken the time to learn about it and that you're aware of the possible side effects. In other words, you're serious about wanting to go on accutane.

Good luck at your appoinment!

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