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Just starting regimen, a little worried

After spending nearly 2 hours searching all the places around where I live, I finally found a 3.5% Benzoyl Peroxide treatment cream. So when I get home I stupidly apply the cleanser I have, wait 2-3 minutes and then cake my entire face in this stuff. My face starts burning intensely and I take this as proof it as working. I'm so emboldened by this discovery that I let it sit there for a minute or so before wiping it off. When I look in the mirror I see that my entire face has been smited with a burninating red glow not dissimilar from a tomato.

I've been at war with acne for a few months now, the war has been long and hard and the monetary sacrifices numerous. The results have been few and far between and have always been only fleeting at best. I guess my question is, did I over-do it and if I did how much of the 3.5% stuff should I be putting on for moderate facial acne?

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Yeah you did overdo, because it was your first time...

http://www.acne.org/ : here you'll find all you need to know about dosage, quantity, the biggest mistakes and also general infos about acne. Dan, who is the one who made this site, also provides videos, where he showes how to wash your face and apply BP and moisturizer... Must see!

Also, you have to use a face wash that removes with water, and then apply BP on the quantity Dan says for the first week and then ramp it up gradually...it's all explained on the site, anyway.

Best of luck.

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Stefy is right, but you may want to use slightly less than the recommended amount of BP because Dan uses 2.5% and you have 3.5%. I don't know if you know, but you can buy 2.5% BP from Acne.org for a really good price. Good luck with the regimen, and don't get overanxious and ramp up too fast!

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