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Is it good for your skin to flake/peel

Does it help your scars when your skins flakes or peels off? doesnt it stimulate collagen growth and help them fill in and such?


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Flaking and peeling skin must be dead skin falling off and the skin under is building new skin and getting ready until the scar/mark is ready to fall off and reveal new nice skin. But it takes a long time because the dead skin is stuck to the new skin under. (That's why it takes about 6 months or so for it to go away) But you can speed up the process by using tape method/face mask/egg white/peels because it removes the dead skin faster to reveal the new skin under.

But massive peeling like after getting a sunburn or really drying face wash doesn't mean it's a good thing. Peeling too much will reveal skin that isn't ready on your face. And that's painful!

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Scars will peel no matter what. It's like that on its own because new healthy skin are rapidly building under the scar to create a new skin and in the process the scar is holding in the healing and protecting it but it's also peeling off to get ready for the new skin under.

It should be bit peely and flakey. Like a cornflake spot on your face.

But for the rest of your face,

If you have few flakey spots away from the T zone then you just need some moisturizter on these areas.

But if it's massive peeling, tight feeling afterwards maybe itchy and burning feeling. Then you need a cleanser for dry skin or cleanser with less harmful chemicals. Change to a different cleanser.

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Its good to flake from different cosmetic procedures but not good to overdry the skin to flake from say BP. If u are flaking from topicals then u are stripping the skin and making it very very unhealthy and now more acne scar prone if u do break out. u will also produce more oil to make up for stripping it at the surface leading to more acne.

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