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Has anyone had a chemical peel?

Most of my scarring is pretty light. I have a few moderate scars on my cheeks (maybe 2 or three). I'm not really looking into dermabrasian or laser resurfacing because I don't think my scarring warrants something so severe. I just want to try to clear up some redness from the last zit I had and also smooth out my complexion as best as I can.

I spoke to an aesthetician who works at a plastic surgeon's office. She was very kind and spoke openly about her own battle with acne scarring. It was so nice to finally talk to someone who understands the mental anguish you go through having to deal with breakouts and subsequent scarring. The girl I spoke with today says she recommends at least two treatments a month for a few months. She says she also has chemical peels done to her face bi-monthly and has seen great improvement to the overall quality of her skin.

I just wanted to ask some of you if you've had a chemical peel or a series of peels and if you saw any improvement overall.


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which chemical peel do u have in mind? i too am looking to do a chemical peel, im aiming more towards a glycolic acid peel

From what I've read on here, I believe there are three levels. I will be going with the first level - probably the same type of level you mentioned. When I spoke to the girl on the she said she'd be able to tell which level I'd need once she evaluated my skin condition and my skin issues. Since I have sensitive skin (she said she did as well), she will probably want to go with the lighter peel. Plus, I don't want to walk around all flaky for weeks, so I'm going to go light for a few months to see if I see any results and then maybe increase to the next step if necessary.

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My derm went with the strongest one I think. I said whats the difference? He said its just stronger.

Then I think I got these slight pigmentation spots because of it. Grrrr...Well lemon juice seems to have reduced it.

There two giant spots under my eyes and along my nose. Didn't really help me the chemical peels. Nuked my acne, but my acne came back later on.

Well Good luck with yours.

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