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I was googling on the net regarding scarring treatment, and stumbled across the following two sites. I've posted these with regards to the indented type scarring, not red marks. Does anyone try these exercises and/pr know the validity of them? It's interesting nonetheless.

I notice my cheeks have some loose skin and some chubbiness - that's where my scars are most prevalent. Everytime, I find, if I stretch my skin upwards the scars disappear. Or alternatively, if I suck in my cheeks, they're less noticeable.

I was just wondering whether such exercises would in fact be beneficial, or not. Or whether anyone here does in fact do them. Even if facial toning won't 'help' rid my scars, at least I'll get a more defined face right (see above paragraph)? LOL.



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heres another one.

i have tried the carol maggio facercize (got the book from the library) tried it for a few months. I didn't notice any difference. Not to mention, the excercises were so darn painful my face acked the enitre day after.

I've read mixed results on facial exercising..some say it works beautifully and some swear it stretched their skin, making facial sag worse.. I didnt try it for long enough to notice anything either way... if you try this do it in a room ALONE or your entire family will be laughing at the goofy faces ya have to make, making you mess up big time..hehe..been there :razz:

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