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i hope not, cuz i am eating a sandwich as we speak. i myself havent experienced any major breakouts, maybe minor at most but not enough for me to notice.

*ps, probably not very useful, w/e

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This is a much deeper question than whether or not bread causes acne. For me, the gluten in wheat causes acne. If you're finding that your skin breaks out even moreso after you eat bread, perhaps you have the same problem.

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I have stayed away from Wheat and Gluten completely for a month and it definitely improved my skin..it's too bad because bread and noodles are my favorite food.. :( oh well, i'd rather have good skin. :)

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Actually bread is healthy, but depends on which one you eat. Many breaks sold in america are rubber like and are not healthy at all. Id prefer eat gray bread.

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It depends on your genes. I'm intolerant to bread (gluten)...it makes my stomach blow up like a balloon, and makes me incredibly sleepy. My acne's gone now that I follow a gluten-free diet.

The estimates are that something like 1% of the population is allergic to wheat, though few know it. Those whose ancestors came from an area of the world that had agriculture relatively late are more likely to have those genes. Some signs that it might be in your family are a history of osteoporosis, stunted growth, and/or colon cancer (the effects of ignoring a wheat allergy). Since the typical diet is so full of wheat products, it's practicallt impossible for those people to notice the ill effects they get from eating wheat. I didn't find out until I tried a low-glycemic diet (thinking it might help my fatigue), and realized that high sugar non-wheat foods (specifically creme brulee and chocolate) caused me absolutely no discomfort or fatigue, unlike the pasta dishes I still ate occasionally.

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