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what's the fastest way for cysts????

what's the fastest way to get cysts to surface up under the skin so i can pop them. i have a party tomorrow and i have one cysts that is huge. he's coming up but i want it to come up quick so i can pop them so it won't be swollen tomorrow.

should i put oil on it so it'll come up quicker.....please help.. this party is important

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I don't suggest popping cysts, It can make them worse (redder, deeper, more painful) why dont you go to the derm and have it injected. it's really the only way to make a cyst go away quickly. Even though it's last minute they might be able to squeeze you in just call and tell them you need to have a cyst injected.

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I found something that makes my cysts form a head and come to the surface. Not sure if you can get it do happen in a day..but worth a try. Its called AcneFree Terminator. You can get it at drugstores like cvs or walgreens (if you have them where you live).

But yeah, an injection is really the only surefire way to get rid of it asap. Derms can usually work you in to a physicians assistant if youre really persistant and tell them its only for an injection (cause it takes less than 2 minutes)

Good Luck!

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