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What brush(es) do you use to apply your mineral makeup?

Ok, so after my giant breakout a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure what had caused it. Two strong possibilities were the makeup I was trying out (I had just started Bare Minerals), or the brushes that came with it: the "baby buki," the "handi buki," & the "flawless application brush," all of which are made with natural hairs and are sort of scratchy.

Just today I received my samples of Everyday minerals, and am eager to apply them, but not with these brushes -- and I hear synthetic is better for breakouts?

Soooo.... if you use mineral makeup and do not have breakouts (or your breakouts have been significantly minimized since you started using it), what brush(es) do you use, and what do you like about them?

Thanks everyone... your replies are much appreciated in my eternal quest for breakout-resistant beauty! :D

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Too Faced makes a makeup brush kit that is 100% synthetic and feels wonderful! The powder/blusn brush does not provide very full coverage, but you can build the coverage up by layering. I also use glominerals brushes, which are much softer than bareMinerals brushes and have never caused me to break out. The trick I have learned with any brushes is to use a spray brush cleaner daily, and thoroughly clean them with baby shampoo or a good brush cleaner such as Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner. I hope this helps. :)

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BM is known for containing large percentages of irritants that can lead to breakouts-Bismuth Oxychloride and Mica. They also use Cornstarch (in Mineral Veil) which is a no-no for acne prone skin.

BM suggests a harsh application method-buffing. :doh: By buffing you can create microscopic tears in your skin which lead to breakouts and redness. I recommend a gentle tap and whisk, do not use pressure and do not force minerals into your pores!

Natural brushes are actually much softer and less irritating than synthetics-I doubt the brush is your problem, unless it is dirty!

Not washing your brushes often can lead to breakouts-bacteria, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells accumulate on the brushes and you re-apply them everythime you use a dirty brush, and you contaminate your make-up. I recommend washing them after every other use with a gentle cleanser and dry thoroughly.

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I'm interested in hearing from people about this too. I just odered my samples from EM and can't wait to get them.

I agree that brushes should be washed often, b/c I can just imagine all the bacteria that would love to hang out in dirty brushes.

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