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How much BP is too much?

I've been using BP for about six years now, so I have no problem with starting on the full dose. My CSR tube arrived this morning (very promptly, I'm exceedingly pleased as I just ran out of my old 10% stuff!) and I thought I'd give it a go. I squeezed a finger length out of the tube and applied it to my face... and I was positively swimming in the stuff! Maybe I just have a small face? But I have small fingers too! I know we're supposed to put a lot on, but I'm serious when I say this stuff was never going to absorb, and I was very patient! How should it feel under your fingers? I had so much on that I felt compelled to transfer some down my neck which I never usually do. After several minutes of gentle rubbing I had to blot off the excess with a tissue... Is it supposed to feel like you just came away from an encounter with Slimer from the Ghostbusters? :P

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You're using way to much then. Try not to lift the tube too high up when you're squeezing, this will give you a long but flat line of BP on your finger. Ideally there should be only a little bit of BP sticking to your hands after applying the BP to your face.

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Since it's 2.5% BP, it really will feel like you're using too much if you've been using a much thinner layer of 10% BP for a long time. But a full finger length really is the appropriate amount for people whose skin can tolerate the BP, and I think you'll get used to it. When you apply it, glide it around your face (not only should you NOT rub it in, but there's probably too much BP for that to even feel possible) and spread it out evenly. Just keep doing that until the BP feels slightly sticky or tacky, at which point you should stop and wait for it to dry. It usually takes me 10 minutes to get a full finger applied to my skin, less than that if I sit in front of a fan briefly to help it along (since the whole process can take forever if it's humid out or if you have residual water left on your skin.)

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