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Well i know its been a while since i have been here but i went to a spa a few months bacvk to get my eye browns done. Well my skin was really bad i didnt know why and i asked the lady. she said i was probably using to much acne meds if i was using them. I told her that i used a face wash with SA in it and the whole bp thing. she suggested i was probably using to much acid. So i stopped using all acne medication anything with acid in it that was it. Well to my surprise my skihn started to clear up i couldnt believe it she was so right it was all the acid i was using. so now i just use spectro gel to clean and neutrogena non alcholic toner and olay complete for sensitive moisturizer during the day and at night same thing but i spot treat with different things from jessicas neo to ROC emulsion something or other lol than i put on queen helene egg yolk mask over those spots at night. duriong the week i tan my face once or twice as well. It works wonders my face is so much clearer than when i used all those acne meds i cant even believe it. I have had bad skin since grade 9 im now 24 and its finaqlly getting better. so now i know it is possible to over do it on acne meds. Im not telling people to quit cold turkey because i do believe the BP thing helped clear me up but i just gave up using all the extra acids and such as the facialist said it was thining my skin. Anyways thought i would share my story have a good one :)

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