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Muscle debate

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Lets get some ideas of how to build up muscles. On an acne free diet this can still be done, but heres my break down of it;

Calories are a poor way of guaging muscle building as not all calories are created equal. i.e. 2500 calories of extra fat will not do much for building muscle.

For example if you eat a chunk of fat - say 100gs your body may use 50% for energy and store 50% of it as fat. Say if you eat 50gs of fat 70% might be used for energy and 30% stored as fat.

Alot of people say to build muscles you need to eat more calories than you consume to put weight on. (So cardio to a body/weight trainer is seens as a step backwards to get bulky)

Lets say I lift heavy on my 'squat' day. The muscle is ripped and resting it and feeding it what it needs will result in the muscle regrowing bigger and stronger. So now im nursing my leg muscles back to health - with nutients flowing and giving it plenty of bio-avialable amino acids, when the muscle is happy with its requirements to gorw excess proteins will surly have little effect on making the muscle get any bigger than it can. Protein from wheatgrass, pre-digested fish proteins, chlorella and spirulina are axamples of highly digestable proteins with all amino acids present for the muscle to regrow. Compare this to proteins like whey, milk and meats which are denature (from cooking) and not as biodigestable. Over eating in these proteins like most ppl say u need to build muscles dosnt make sense to me.

So why cant we build lean muscle and lose body fat a the same time? If you feed the muscle with everything it needs to grow and then eating 100 calories less per day (losing body fat) should result in lean muscle growth?

Bruce lee said he ran almost everyday rain or shine. HIs diet was healthy and he didnt over consume calories. His muscle mass for body side was very high!

I know he did take protein shakes of milk and eggs which fed his muscles with amino acids they needed but he didnt eat eat massive meat and potato foods. He even said western foods focused to much on meat and carbs and not enough on veg like oriental dining. I reckon if Bruce wanted to become even bigger he could have lifted heavier, while uping his protein and his diet still wouldnt have look like the 1.5 g of protein per body weight that is given to most ppl to build muscles.

Opinions welcome as ever...

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