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Vancouver Canucks Fan

when can i do a second tca 12.5% peel?

I did a 12.5% peel around 2 weeks ago... and it took around 10 days to complete the peel. so when can I do another one? it says wait at least 2-3 weeks in between peels.... starting from the day i applied the peel or i finished the peel?

Also. i applied only 2 layers of tca peel since it was my first peel... it stung alot when i applied the second layer but strangely very thin layer of skin peeled off, and in some areas there was just slight flaking.. my face didnt peel off nicely as some other ppls ive seen on this board. I didnt get scabbing either, but skin didnt really turn brownish.. just a layer of transparent skin falling off in little pieces, but still i noticed an improvement in scars and skin tone. However I would like to know if this is becuz i have tough skin or i applied too little acid? cuz i remember i saw a litttle bit of frosting in 2 small spots off my face so i stopped applying.. should i apply until my whole face frosts? anyways.. i think i will try 3 layers next time.. who do yall think?

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Hi VCF. I didn't reply sooner because I've only had 2 peels 6 weeks apart. I believe the minimum adviced is 3 weeks inbetween or even a month.

I know what you mean about a thin layer of skin peeling. While I do it it feels like my whole face is going to fall :D When I do it I put 2 or 3 layers and I do see frost all over. I try to leave it on as much as I can stand and then wash my face with cold water. You have to have your skin very clean before you put the TCA. I've seen people say that they rub their face with alcohol.

As for your question how the days are being counted, I believe it's from the day you did your previous peel.

By the way, what was your routine in the days after the peel?

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