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last night before i went to bed i noticed that under my eye (you know where that little line thing is that gets all baggy when you don't sleep) had a bit of fluidy stuff in it. nothing painful just fluidy.

anyway this morning i woke up and around my eye is completely puffed up with this non-painful fluidy shit i look like some bashing victim omg its fuckin hideous i look western in my left eye and fuckin asian in my right eye. :boohoo:

i'm worried to death about what it is i hope its not a draining sinus around my eye because isn't that a sign of acne fulimans??? i am meant to start accutane in a couple of weeks.

thanks for any help....i'm gonna go put some ice on it see if that helps.

sorry i can't post a pic don't have a camera

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If it's not red it's probably not a sinus tract...

phew thats a relief

its been about 2 hours since i woke up and the swelling has gone down heaps.

what i think may have happened is some cyst pus or some dirty shit got into my tear ducts somehow. i had my first cry in about 6 years when i saw it then noticed about 30mins later it had gone down!!! maybe i should just cry it all out

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