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Accutane duration and side effects....?

Hiya all,

Have been on Accutane for about 3 weeks now. Normally would be extremely oily noise and nodules/cysts around that area, rest isn't too bad, bit on my back.

After about 1 week, my skin was pretty dry and flaking a reasonable amount, and lips pretty chapped. Moisturiser and lip balm pretty much keeps it reasonable though, also aches in joints when exercising. All of this I'm fine with (and fine with it worse as well atm).

Had my checkup with the derm to see how I'm doing, normal one was off sick so had a new one (was rushed as short staffed). She basically asked if I was getting any side effects, I mentioned the lips/dry skin.

She said because I was already experiencing side effects so soon, she said that its not worth upping the dosage (currently on 40mg and am around 200 lbs). I was hoping the dosage would be upped to give me most chance of getting over the cysts longer term. Not sure if staying on the lower dose will lessen the effectiveness of it?

Main thing I'm hoping to understand from anyone who has been on accutane, do the side effects stay constant once they kick in, or slowly get stronger as you take it longer (assuming no increase in dose)? The dry skin/lips I'm expecting, just is the derm likely correct that if they up the dosage it would be too much as I started with the side effects so soon (according to her)? Just if it stays the same typically I may ask if she will increase it.

Have most people here had their dose increased after initial testing, or stayed on the same, and do most side effects remain constant or increase over time?

Any help/thoughts much appreciated.

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