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I am going to see my doctor, what should I tell him to prescribed to me?

thread describing my acne: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=105148&hl=

Basically I have almost everything from my forehead down to my chin: whiteheads, blackheads, Papules, and now Cysts (its big and painfull). I tried everything, literally.

Now my skin is calm at times and other times he just explodes, It tends to explode more often these days and when my acne is starting to clear up, it just explodes right back up again. Same with my body acne, (mostly shoulders and back)


Now my doctor is a very cool one indeed, he's been a family doctor to my family and my cousins, so basically he knows our entire family tree. :D I had acne forever and everytime I go see him, he hands a samples of Duac.

Now I am gonna go see him for the sole purpose of my acne, and I want to try some stuff before I go see a dermatologist and get accutane.

Im looking for anything that has helped you with your acne before jumping onto accutane.

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well, firstly you cant "tell" you doctor what to be precribed, and secondly you cant go to a derm and just "get" accutane due to the tests involved which means you may not be suited to accutane.

ask him what options there are for you, and what different treaments there are and he will discuss the best one for you.

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