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I guess that I've decided to go on the regimen as I'm still getting alot of very small, pustules. They're not infected but I'm still getting them and I'd rather I didn't.

So I got some Panoxyl 2.5% BP gel and some Eucerin moisturiser. I didn't see on the box for Eucerin that it's non-comedogenic but I guess that alot of UK people here use it so it must be OK, right?

Anyway, my question is this:

I read that the Eucerin is suitable for use UNDER make-up. So, could I put the Eucerin on first then the BP? I know that on the site Dan's instructions are to put the BP on first then the moisturiser but I have a reason for wanting to do it the other way round.

Would this still work as well?

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apply it like tis





doing it anyotherway round wont work aswel

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Guest Calibos

Damo's right dude.

I used to use Eucerin up until they stopped making the Skin Renewal, the only thing i found with Eucerin is that it made my face hella red. A couple of times i put some concealer on red area's and it took it away, the moisturiser will help rub in the BP, as if you did this:



Make Up

Then i always found that the make up would stick to the BP and make it "blotchy" looking. You could always try using a water based foundation or whatever make up you're wishing to apply :think:

But yeah, Damo's way is def best, he is the shakespeare of the regimen, he knows his shit :D

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Hahah ok, thanks guys.

BTW - How long do you wait between applying the BP then the moisturiser? How long to wait before applying the BP after shaving with an electric razor?

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wash face

wait 5-10mins (until face is dry)

apply bp

wait around 10mins


then your done

if your shaving

i simply do this

go2 the basen.


then hop in the shower and WASH face.

then carry on with the regimen as usual.

shaving isnt cleaning so i made mine into an extra step an it works so im not complaining. hehe

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