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I cant believe it takes 6 months to see the derm where I am (Derby)

and if thats not bad enough, to cut the queue it costs £130 to go private!!

Is there any way of speeding this process up?

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complain? lol

unfortunately the NHS works like a long list, placing you at the bottom and you have to wait till your near the top.

though, you can go to your GP and ask him or her to write a letter to the deparment of dermatology to "fast" track you.

though after the initial consultaion, you'll still need to wait a few months after the consultation to get accutane due to the tests they need to do on you to see if your "right" for it.

a friend i know had bad acne, and his doctor recoomended accutane and send off a letter to the derm. he waited 4 months for his consultation then 3 months for the tests then another 3 months for more tests (for consistancy apparently) and THEN he was refused accutane due to irregular liver and kidney function.

so i suggest going to see your doctor to try and speed you up the list.

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:wall: our stupid system is so bad.

sorry that you gotta wait.

id do something but i cant lol.

unles throwing rocks at them wil help....... prob not hehe :hand:

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