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Accutane in the US compared to UK / other countries

Over here in the UK it seems easier to get accutane (for me anyway) than in the US - im wandering if thats because 99% of cases are diagnosed through our national health system (which is free, kinda through tax)

Whereas in the US its all done privatly and through insurance, so in affect it would actualy make docs / derms more money the longer that they are treating you so keeping you on differnt meds for years on end makes them more money than 4 months on accutane.

As im not entirly sure how it works in the states could this be a factor in people being declined accutane?

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no we're more strict over here with more hoops to jump esp if your female with ipledge

there not sure if you have it there.........plus you treat it for even mind cases

here it's only used in severe cases

kinda like how it is

eu = more open

us = too strict

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anytime there is money to be made people will take it and your systems open to that whereas ours is not - you may be more strict but im sure that this would have an affect.

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I think in the past few years in the u.s. it has becoming much stricter, before I would have said accutane was more wildly used. As you know our g.p.s dont have a huge amount of training in treating acne, thats not a critisicism really but thats off topic, and accutane does have alot of bad association about it so they are reluctant to take the step of giving the derm appointment. Also although the NHS is 'free', it is still a cash strapped organisation and ro/accutane is an expensive treatment in comparision to anti's/bp...however when you take the long accumlative view perhaps it isnt. Anyway, if you can afford it in the UK it may be easyer to go private. Its certainly quicker.

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