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What exactly qualifies as Cystic acne???

ok so as i posted on my other post that when i used to have "cystic" acne years back they were eventually treated by following the CSR.

but now ive read that CSR is not made to treat cystic acne..... but then i read some success stories saying that it does....??

so what im asking is if i actually have cystic pimples??? after i quit the CSR for nearly a year these "cysts" are back and there definitely big, slightly smaller than the diameter of an advil (lol i had no other comparison) but after applying bp for a week they eventually form white heads which pop on contact (when i wash my face).... after the puss is released a few times they die down and leave a red mark that takes months to completely heal (sorry for the graphic detail, even typing this made me queasy)..... so howcome bp works on some "cysts" and not others? and is CSR supposed to prevent cystic acne?

another question is should i still consider accutane??? is the side effects worth risking?

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Read here about cystic acne:


As for why the CSR works on some people's cysts and not others, it probably has to do with how stubborn or persistent a persons acne is. And how religiously they follow the CSR. And how long they hang with it. I mostly had inflammatory acne, with an occasional cyst. The CSR has helped immensely in that I don't get those anymore. So, I think while the CSR is ideal for mild to moderate acne, if you get an occasional cyst it can help lessen those as well. But for people whose main problem is stubborn cystic acne (like cysts all over the face) the CSR is probably not going to be strong enough to take care of all that.

If your acne is mild to moderate but you get an OCCASIONAL cyst, the CSR still has potential to work for you. Just read through the many success stories. However, if you have severe cystic acne, and many cysts the CSR probably is not going to be enough and you should consider Accutane or other prescription medications.

Hope this clarifies things.

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Maybe you could get a prescription for an oral antibiotic like doxycyline which is specifically formated to releave inflamation, as it is an anti-inflamatory drug. You may find that cysts will become less frequent over consistent use. In addition, the csr can help clear the remainder of your acne. I was dissapointed after 3 months of doxy since I still broke out with papules and whiteheads while on doxy, however cysts were rare. Nevertheless, csr has helped tremendously with the remaining problem!

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