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what is azelec acid 20% cream?

well like u know i finished accutane 3 months ago and have started to form acne again and my face is starting to look bad so i was going go to the derm today and ask for accutane again. Well before i can even ask him he said well lets try some stuff that will probably work now that u finished accutane and gave me this cream and no pills. What is this because i never heard anyone use this on this board. Is this even worth taking and will it work now that im done with accutane. Im kinda pissed because i dont want to take topical creams because they usually dont work

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It is a cream that kills hte P.Acnes and also exfoliates the skin to prevent blockages in the pores. Has been shown in lcinical studies to fade brown spots and help red marks from blemishes fade faster. Works in 6-8 weeks but you shouldn't be on it for longer than 6 months as there is no clinical data done over that period.

I have been on it before and it worked for me. Itches like mad though and will make your skin peel as it exfoliates. Also at the start you may break out as it gets all the comedones from out of your skin.

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i've also been on it and it did nothing for me except making my skin extremely, i mean, extremely red, dry, flaky and itchy. did not prevent anything and my skin looked horrible

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