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Can anyone tell me if it has any sence?

Hi i am 19 years old and i have acne from my 15. First it was only on my face with some big red pimples, but on the surface. As the years where passing my acne on the face was getting even better and i didn't use even cleanser. Now i have some small breakouts sometimes,my face is clear enough.

But my problem is other. I have two years now that i have pimples(blackheads and ''some whiteheads once in a while'') on my chest, back, shoulders and arms(upper and lower).The mad thing is that my arms started to have pimples before 6 months and it is very odd. I have never heard anyone with pimples on the 'lower arms' do you have any idea why. Also before 6 months i saw some big pimples on my but and after 3 months it disappeared with no reason.

Once in a while i have some pimples also at my neck and as the time passes it disappears and it lets a very little red mark that goes away with the time (even a year).Maybe this acne is not severe with cysts and lot's of whiteheads but the weird thing is that I have experienced acne all over my body except for my abdomen, where I had only one BIG pimple and now it is gone. Does anyone know what is going on?

I think the food takes a real part at the acne. Also can you tell me what I can do for the blackheads to go away, these are the only pimples that doesn't go away. Maybe the blackheads are not so ugly, but there are a lot and I want to try something. I spend 3 hours a day at the gym, 6 days the week, I haven't never take a protein shake or any other stuff. I have a very trained chest, back and arms as I do that 3 years now, do you think this is a fact for my acne. One last, I use ‘’Neutrogena body clear ''visibly'' clear’’ two weeks now and I haven't seen a lot of improvement, what do you suggest. Sorry if I said too much. Thanks

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