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I No you shouldnt do this..

Ive been on the CSR for 2 weeks now and have mild acne most of the time. and have had one major breakout since its instigation.

However i just went to my physician and he gave me some Differin and something called ERYACNE 2%

Just wondering if anyone has used this stuff?

Also, i wanna incorporate it in my regime ( DONT RAGE AT ME FOR THINKING THIS !!!! :( )



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You absolutely can't have BP and Differin on your face at the same time. I don't know what's in Eryacne but I suspect it probably would mess up your skin if used with BP as well. What instructions did your derm give you for those topicals? One at night and one in the morning, or both at the same time how many times a day? Some people have done Differin in the morning and BP at night, but I'm not sure if anyone had great results doing that. You might just take a break from the regimen right now and try these prescription topicals to see if they do anything for you, or you could ignore them altogether and do the reg on its own. Using prescription topicals (particularly retinoids) simultaneously with the reg can really mess up your skin, though! It's not just a silly precaution...

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yeah differin @ night and the other one during the day. i think ill just trow them out lol. im having ok results with the regime in the 2nd week so ill keep persisting. im seeing a derm in like 3 months tho :S

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