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Spot-treating while on 'tane

Hey there -

Now I know your meant to steer clear of all topical treatments when taking roaccutane as you can over-dry your skin and fuck it up in whole other ways, BUT, knowing what I'm like, I'm going to be really unhappy if any major zits come up and I just have to LEAVE em unattended. Therefore I was wondering if there was anything actually safe to apply to individual spots while on roaccutane? I'm thinking herbal treatments like tea tree oil, or gentle antispectic creams should be ok, but would appreciate some more informed opinions!

Thanks a bunch,


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i have been spot treating with bp (2.5%). not a whole lot. just a little here and there. i have experienced no problems from it.

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i spot treated w/ duac and i have to credit my lack of IB to it. Later in my treatment(now) my duac prescription ran out some i'm using Nutrogena Acne Vanishing Cream (BP 2.5%) which is working wonders(knock on wood). IF you don't have a lot of dryness i would say it's ok to use topicals, but if you do expierence alot of dryness that you best hold off on topicals. Good Luck!

PS. Neosporin works GREAT on healing pimples or cysts... I swear by it!

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