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Tazorac and BP?

Does anyone have any opinions about me trying Dan's CSR BP in the morning (in Regimen 'style') and Tazorac at night? My skin can take a lot irritation-wise (though it does get dry and flaky at times, never red or not soft). Would this be beneficial, in anyone's opinion?

My current regimen has been containing Duac, which is BP-based, but I didn't really like it much (it harsher [5% BP] and has another antibiotic I'm pretty sure I'm immune to). I like the idea of applying a good portion of BP (not possible with Duac), so I've been trying Dan's gel for the past few days, and it seems nice, but obviously I'm not able to comment on its effectiveness yet. Just wondered if anyone had any opinions and to make sure I'm not doing anything completely ridiculous :-

I'm into week 6 or 7 using Bactrim, Duac/Dan's BP(AM) and Tazorac(PM) and while I'm seeing some clearing in places, my chin is still baaddd, and the big issues on my neck are only subsiding veryyy slowly and seemingly just clearing up in one place to sprout back up in another. So I guess I'm seeing improvement, but I was hoping for less random results.

In other news, I have a derm appointment scheduled for Thursday week (27 July). He's said at the start of this regimen that if I didn't clear up enough by then, we could consider Accutane. I don't really like the idea (though I've done it before with little side effects). Here's a big question that I've been mulling: if I'm seeing some clearing with the regimen current, should I ask to continue it another month or so? I mean, I know it's supposed to take up to 3 months with a regimen, retinoids especially, but what if at 2 months I'm not seeing much significant other than clearing in places that Tazorac broke me out in the first place?

School is starting again in mid-August, and I was hoping to be reasonably clear by then, but I'm still getting upwards of 2-3 new pustules per day sometimes. If I do Accutane, I know I'll be clear, but even excluding the horridness of possible side effects, it'd usually be what, another 3-4 months to see results? Maybe if this current regimen keeps on working, albeit slowly, I can avoid Accutane and get clearer (I don't care about 100%) faster; however, knowing that this might not work and could contribute to delay something that will work (Accutane) keeps me up at night :(

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