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Your Eyes On Accutane

Hey dudes!!! I have been on Accutane 2 weeks and some days now, and haven't noticed any change in my eyesight until now. What I realized is, if I just use a few drops of Visine for contacts my vision is clear once again. Is this dry eyes? Or could this be a serious side effect that I have to watch out for? If i put my glasses on I see perfectly. That's why I think it is dry eyes and not blurry eyes. Any suggestions on the dry eye topic for accutane users would be greatly appreciative. (Keep in mind I wear contacts!!)

---------------Thnx Chris :)

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That when you put your glasses on its fine is a great sign. I think it is recommended that you dont where contact lens on 'tane, and if your only 2weeks in, its gets a whole lot dryer. I would wear your glasses for a few days to make sure that it is dry eyes, and considering the potential(albeit slim) phoning you derm would be a good idea. I am dont need contacts or glasses, but i do get tempremental dry somewhat itchy eyes. I find high does vit e helps, and there is some evidence that supports this. best of luck.

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Thnx any1 else have suggestions. Plus I notice when i wear sunglasses then my eyes are alot sharper. Could it be a sensitivity to the sun? Help Please. And thnx alot Lebal

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