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The Only Acne Post You Will Ever Need

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I appreciate all the bodybuilding stuff, but that won't solve things for everyone. Everyones different and everyone has their own approaches of working on, dealing with and resolving acne.

Bodybuilding is a positive thing, you should recommend it to others from your personal experience but not tell people to do it as if its the wonders of clearing acne.

Good luck with continuing the workouts.

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Obviously we are all here at Acne.org to find out what can and cannot help our acne. If there were a certain regime, or medication, or treatment etc.etc. that cured acne as we know it, I do not think this site would exsist anymore.

So please, if your going to state an opinion, dont make it seem fact.

Not everyone is like you Necro. So get use to it

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This is the #1 and only post any acne sufferer will ever need to read that is going through mild to severe acne. By mild I mean a few clusters of pimples on an oscillating basis (heavy to light year around). By severe I don’t mean some of the pictures I have seen other members’ post of victims of extreme acne or other unfortunate acne problems that will leave them heavily scarred for the rest of their lives. By severe, I mean those that have cystic acne that is controllable along with your everyday pimples. It can be all over your face but not in disfiguring form.

My background is that I have gone through acne since I was 10-11. I used to have large pimples and cysts all over my forehead and pimples around my nose and mouth. I never had it on my cheeks. I also had lots of cysts on my back and shoulders. But my face is about as oily as a person’s face can be short of dumping my head in some 10W-30. I eventually my several lifestyle changes and I was able to control it short of 1 or 2 pimples every few weeks. My face and back is now clear.

Now to the point and the reason this post is #1. I have the cure that will end all other cures. To sum it up, it’s willpower. I know you are either saying “wtf?� or “whatever� or “what are you talking about?� What I am saying it takes a combination of remedies to completely cure all acne. I saw some people suggest that it may be your liver. I agree completely. This means CHANGE YOUR DIET. Yeah, you are taking all that medication and using all the creams, but why are you still eating at McDonald’s, drinking soda, and still eating candy like no tomorrow? The acne is not being attached to your skin from outside sources, its being created within your body. Think of it like this, if you sweat, where is all that coolant coming from? If you don’t drink pure water all the time, then it will contain impurities like sugar, oils, fats, and starches that will leave your face in a mess. DRINK WATER ONLY is another suggestion. Drink it until it hurts, until you urinate all day and can’t take it anymore. It might not help or cure your acne, but it won’t hurt. It also takes away that variable completely.

I also see these people post stuff up like “my face just blew up overnight�. Yeah right. If that happened, you are a specimen to science. It doesn’t just happen in one day. It starts and YOU LET IT HAPPEN. Yes I am saying you are partly to blame and here’s why. You start getting them or feel them coming and at first you don’t know what is happening to your skin. But after a few days you know from either friends or family telling you that you are going through puberty. If so, start doing something NOW. Don’t wait, and don’t tell me you can’t afford it. Use it as a Christmas present. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Use it for your birthday present. GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST NOW. Also, I hear people trying to pick at it, especially cysts or deep pimples. WHY ARE YOU PICKING AT IT? You are only driving the bacteria deeper and creating scars that YOU CREATED. Let the cyst or pimple stay there. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it, just treat it and forget about it. I have no scars from any of my acne.

As for sunlight, I see mixed opinions. Skin cancer can happen, but so can you dying from a car accident today. I say THE MORE SUN, THE BETTER. After all, superman is powered by the sun and look how strong he is (Just kidding, although the sun does help tremendously). This goes for those of you lazy people that sit in your rooms feeling sorry about yourselves. Sit outside and cry then.

Go WORKOUT. Some of you might have acne because all that fat and oils in your bodies have no wear else to go but through your skin. Exercise, sweat, and remove those impurities while looking better at the same time.

Overall, it's all about willpower and discipline. Try a cream or remedy and if it doesn’t work, wait and try another. I recommend the following,

-Drink a gallon of water a day, throughout the day

-Eliminate completely greasy foods, fast foods, candy, chocolate (if it isn’t naturally found in nature, do not eat it). I don’t care if you get some stupid urge like “I have to have popcorn to watch a movie�. You know what I eat at the theater? I BRING A BAG OF BABY CARROTS!!!

-Go outside everyday or tan to get some Vitamin D

-Get plenty of sleep (although this remedy is exaggerated, since I am clear whether I sleep at all)


-Do not disturb your acne. Look at the mirror and say, “Bring It!� and refuse to touch even the worst cyst

-Find a remedy whether it be a cream that suits your skin or a pill you take or even regular dermatologist visits for advice or more intensive medications

-Lastly, stop complaining like it’s the end of the world. If you had any willpower or dedication at all, you would have a face unscarred and very treatable with the medications they have out on the market today. Some of you have scars because you just pick and pick at it. I have read lots of posts about how “…I just popped it, I didn’t care anymore…� Well if you didn’t care, then don’t complain when your face looks like the surface of the moon and expect a doctor to fix the impossible.


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For some people (including myself) diet has NOTHING to do with acne. Nothing. And to say that people have acne and scars from acne because they "allow it" is beyond ridiculous.


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