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all the methods i used for my acne and red marks

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i used these methods:

1)just eating vegetables and fruits (worked great, made my skin glow and i only broke out maybe like one or two. but i could not do it anylonger)

2)drinking 4 liters of water a day (worked really good, especially when u stop eating red meat. the best results and skin glowing. had no breakouts) and it made my skin so soft and everyone is like commenting on how soft it is. and i am starting to think my skin is so great except with the red marks on my face.

3)putting tea tree oil-it smelled so nasty and didn't do any shit at all

4)neutrogena acnemark fade peel-worked ok, but i got so much better result with just mashing strawberry and putting it on my face.

4)strawberry mask-made it by mashing it and putting it on my face. it helped my red marks fade

5)vitamin c peel-waste of 50 dollars going to spa and doesn't do anything at all sux

6)tanning-what can i say first my face was all nasty red, cuz day before and i had glycolic acid peel. so tanning resulted really realy red face with skin peeling off. but good thing was after 3 or more my skin peeled of like really good and had like 85% of fading of the red marks. the peeling of my skin and looking red was totally worth it.

7) mario badescu healing cream-doesn't do anything made me break out

8)vita-k for blotchy skin-fading my red marks but really really slowly.

9)peach and yogurt mask-one of the cheapest and easy to make mask which has so much effectivness to remove red marks.

10)using differin-what is it for anyway? it didn't do anything for my acne

11)benzaclin-ok product but i can get something that is better and cheaper at walmart

12)healing makeup by almay-it didn't do anything or break me out, i stopped wearing it cuz it makes me look pink &too light for me and hello i'm tanned asian.

13.HIP loreal foundation-best coverage ever

14.clean and clear morning glow lotion-grossest and nastiest lotion. the lotion just films off and it is so shiny. it made my skin look so scary

15)50% glycolic acid-it didn't do anything at all. but it did a great job when i went sunbathing after the day i got the peel.

16)clean and clear advantage spot treatment-it does work for my pimples but its okay

17-got2be kaolin clay mask good stuff, gets all the gross stuff out.

18.aveeno brightning cleanser-gives my skin nice glow and helps my red marks. and funny thing is that even though it is not for pimple, it doesn't break me out.

19)not eating any junkfood- well when i eat junkfood i break out so i don't eat it much maybe twice a week. but i drink my water to balance it out.

20)putting tape over my skin-dumbest and most embarresing thing i tried.

21)putting honey-gayest thing ever, i guess it works for some people but not me!

22)aloe vera gel-everyone kept saying aloe vera is the greatest, but it didn't do anything for me and actually made it worse by clogging my pores.

23)neosporin cream and ointment-everyone kept saying how great it is, but didn't do anything for me and made me breakout.

24)porcelena-great stuff for my dark brown pigments left from like small accidents.

25)green tea- i like to drink it to keep my weight but i didn't think it did something for my skin. but i use it sometimes as a toner. because it has the vitamin-k, i don't about the result cuz i don't use it consistenly.

and i used many other methods but right now i'm getting tired of typing. but guys write what i should try next pls.

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So it looks like the best things you did were :

Get glycolic peels, then tan.

Use a strawberry mask.

Use a peach and yogurt mask.

Can I ask you how you made these fruit masks, how you applied them, and how often you did them>


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Please please DONT USE GLYCOLIC THEN PEEL. I realise the poster isnt actually recommending it, but that is not only dangerous due to the thinning action the peel has on the skin so the related risks of uva/b exposure go considerably up(and yes that includes cancer). But also you will pay that back with a hell of an interest years down the line because you will wrinkle up like a leather prune.

In my hurry to get that down my dyslexic munkey brain got it wrong i meant

DONT PEEL THEN TAN[...............(but you all knew that DIDNT YOU)

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i just made the strawberry really hard and putted it on my face

and i putted the yogurt and peach together in blender. then when it came out it was like too thin to be mask so i puted milk powder to make it thick and putted it on.

Foolio what kind of skin do u have if u have caucasian skin don't! but if u have like other types of skin do it if you think 3 day of peeling is worth of all the red marks fading

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