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How to tell whether or not its severe?

um ok i do not really like that idea. The thing is my skin is clear its just got pimpeals on it other than thaty its clear.

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Without seeing a picture it's hard to tell. A clear face with a few pimples (not cysts, but pustules) is considered mild infammatory acne. Turn the pustules into cysts and you have localized nodulocystic acne, which is treated like severe acne because it can scar. So it depends on the types of lesions you get and also how many of them you have. I'd call my own moderate localized nodulocystic acne. I have way more then a few pimples here and there....and my face is far from clear.....I have redmarks galore...and don't forget the thousands of whitheads (little flesh colored bumps...not pustules).....and that is just moderate......

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I'm no expert, but if you have many pustules on your face, and a fair amount of cysts then you have severe acne. When I say cyst, I'm talking about those deeply imbedded red zits that don't have any pus on the surface. They are more of a large, deeply swelled zit. If you have more than one of those regularly, then I'd see a dermatologist. I don't know about moderate acne because it seems like it's always different but if you have many painful, unsightly zits on your face then go see someone. They can help before it's too late. I may be misunderstanding the definition of cyst/nodule but I've always considered any large zit that is rooted from deep in your skin and sticks around for a long time and never forms any visible pus to be a cyst. If you have a few zits that contain pus that mostly disappear with time, and that don't get to be overly large then you most likely will be okay. If you ever have zits covering your face or lined up at your jawline, I'd make an appointment. Large quanities of any kind of zit will get harder to treat if you wait. If nothing ever works, then go see a dermatogist. If anything gets worse while you are trying to make it better, go see a dermatologsit.

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