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How do you apply your BP? Sectioning off your face

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I was just wondering, how do you guys/gals section off your face when you apply the BP. I normally section it into 3 parts. I do the forehead first, then the right side of my face, then left side.

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I just squeeze out the bp onto my finger, and put the whole amount on my entire face and begin gently smoothing it on.

I don't actually do the section thing.

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I used to section it off in to about four different partitions, but then I started just applying it to my entire face at once. A lot quicker and it seems to be working fine.

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i only do my chin but basically i get three blobs

one on either side of chin and one in the middle

then apply

then i would do the sam for cheeks maybe one larger blob on each and apply

then 2blobs for forehead and that shoudl be about right :D

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Okay, get ready for this: :lol:

I only use pea-sized amounts at a time

left cheek, right cheek

forehead, nose

left jaw-line, right jaw-line

left cheek, right cheek (again)

nose (again)

left cheek and jaw, right cheek and jaw (again)

wipe finger on chin and upper lip area

...and done! How's that for convoluted! ;):D

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I just squeeze out the full fat finger amount (a LOT of dans bp) and take 1/4th and put that on my forehead, then 1/4 on my right cheek, 1/4th on the left, the other 1/4 on the chin, then I work it all in at the same time. It doesn't take me more than 5 mins.

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