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BS until accutane

how much more bs can my derm do?

Done it all and now im taking Keflex wtf :) i know, 2 pills a day. Not working. what else is there. i have takin everything but tazorac, retin-a, tet, mino, benzaclin, sa, bp, csr for 2 months. i need teh accutane. what is the best strategy to get it

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well Keflex does actually work.

a while ago i had a infection in my uriney tract and was prescribed cephalexin for a week, and by day four my skin was completely clear.

This is when i hadnt "mastered" the regimen, but the cephalexin cleared me up, and stayed clear for a week after. But acne then became to come back as the cephalexin wore off

how long you been taking Keflex for, and how long will you be taking it for? my doctor says its only a short term antiobiotic, so i cant go back on it:S

stick with the kelflex, it works

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I've heard of a few people writing down a list of everythig they have tried and giving it to the derm on there next visit, and also taking a photo of when you acne is at its worst (as it you may eb going through a clear stage next time you go) and giving that to them aswell, to show them that you think accutane is the only really step left for you :)

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the only reason they hold back on accutane is coz it can be dangerous unlike most antibiotics.

accutane can screw with your whole body if your unlucky.

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