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Help! skin all crusty

ok so I've been on the CSR for just over two weeks now and it seems to be working alright. I had a bad initial breakout but since then I've had no inflamed pustules or anything(which is what i usually get), just a couple of tiny whiteheads. Since being on it i've had mild peeling and redness but nothing to worry about. However, in the last couple of days, my skins gone all crusty like, and the pockmarks from old acne are becoming quite visible. I think it may be because i ramped up the BP dosage way to quickly. These last two days ive stopped using the BP and have just been applying alot of moisturiser, but my skins still crusting. I want to go out tonight, but i dont want my skin to start peeling when im out clubbing! any suggestions? help would be gresatly appreciated!

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I agree that it sounds as if you ramped up the dosage too quickley. I think youve done the right thing by stopping BP for a few days to let it dies down. My skin was very crusty at the start of the regimen too, (so your not on your own!) and I found that the best thing in the mean time is plenty of moisturiser- just apply it whenever you feel you need it, and before you go out clubbing you might just want to put a bumper application of moisturiser on, or if your a girl maybe keep a small tube in your handbag. But the dryness and crusting does get better on its own, for me it took just over a month but for most other people on here it seems to take a few weeks :)

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My "emergency cream" for situations like that is called (directly translated from danish) fat cream. I mix it with water and it works wonders for flaky and dry skin.

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