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Bare Minerals: Before & After

I've been reading through this forum for a month now, coming back now and then for make-up help, opinions on mineral makeup, etc.

Well, I'm finally 18, have a job, and I can spend my money as I want. Before, i'd always bought Drugstore or Department store foundation-- L'oreal, sometimes Clinique, once MAC, Biotherm, Almay... Almay and L'oreal always made my acne a lot worse. By the way, I have a loooooot of dark acne/scars. Right now it's actually one of the 'better times' in the pictures.

Can I say BareMinerals matches me perfectly now? Not exactly. If you look in the pictures and you think the foundation looks a little light, it's because I didn't expect to tan so early in the summer and now my tan's a little to dark for Medium and Medium Beige. (Still waiting for the next shipment of Tan)

What's good about it? I've been trying it for a few days, and it really does look a lot more natural and gives me more coverage.. blah you've heard it a million times, but PLEASE take it from an asian girl who has gone through middle school and high school buying/wearing foundation, concealer, liquids and powders, of many many brands and never liking it until now.

Maybe it's cuz I've never really spent a WHOLE lot of money on my makeup, so maybe now I'm finally getting what I paid for (And for 59.98 I thought "This BETTER be good").

But my thinking is, "If you're gonna spend a lot of money on makeup, (I remember spending 48$ on Biotherm foundation and something close to that for MAC) why not buy the makeup with good SPF, is in mineral form, and is DEFINITELY the most natural looking makeup out there???

Sorry, I could go on and on, but I really wanna help you guys out, cuz I know this forum really did help with my acne and makeup questions, so I'm just trying returning the favor!

This is me wearing Medium/Medium Beige and Mineral Veil.

Before: http://x3c.xanga.com/7a8a00e33533060700905/b40681397.jpg Me and my shiny self.

After: http://x48.xanga.com/4d7807050372860700931/b40681413.jpg w00t no more shine.

Before: http://xc5.xanga.com/3da80a0502c3860700841/b40681353.jpg Me and my painful acne

After: http://x0d.xanga.com/3f1a05e33413060700864/b40681368.jpg Yay less acne :)

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You know whats strange? You look exactly like me(skin wise). :redface::redface:

The coverage looks awsome, i will definetly look into it. Thanks :D

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