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The best make-up for acne plagued skin is definitely . . . (in order)

  1. Cleaning- Do your regular skin stuff, but don't put any goop on that will sit on the skin. Make sure you use a moisturizer so that your skin is less likely to soak up anything that may possibly cause any pimples
  2. Concealer- for those really big and annoying red blotches, us a brush and dab ONLY on the red areas, otherwise you'll cancel all of your hard woor out
  3. Foundation- -if you have red/uneven skin tone, make sure to us a sponge & keep it from drying out too badly, I've also found that "wrinkle reducing" make-up seems to make little bumps and icepiks less noticable (as weird and slightly embarrassing it may be to own wrinkle make-up)
  4. POWDER- Covergirls "Fresh Complexion" Pocket powder (darker sky blue compact in an oval shape) works wonders for making those bumps seemingly dissapear if you DAB it on your skin and blend into hairline and jawline, make sure not to "sweep" the sponge too much because if you have dry skin it'll make it flaky and it'll rub off some of your hard work
  5. Wipey wipey- Take a cotton ball or a tissue(flat surface of tissue) and LIGHTLY LIGHTLY drag it across your face so that you get rid of any buildup or excess make-up that is going to rub off anyways, we don't want to look fake, do we?
  6. Blush- This is important so that your face doesn't look dead- trust me.
  7. Eyes/Lips- Draw attention to 1 of these, whichever is your best with NATURAL make-up, it may not seem that way but it keeps a lot of attention away from your acne
I really hope this helps!

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