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I've been fighting acne for a while but now I feel I've mostly got it cleared up except for some red spots and random pimples + irritation. I have a feeling that how I shave is affecting my face so I decided to switch from electric razor to the sensitive one dan recommended. I was just wondering what shaving gel or cream or whatever is least irritating. Someone said try to shave using the purpose cleanser but it didnt work too well for me. Anyone know a good gel or cream to try?

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the best i've found was aveeno sensitive skin therapeutic shaving gel. ive only found it at wal mart though, and last time i went shopping for shaving cream at a drug store they didnt even carry it, so i just bought gilette sensitive skin shaving gel and i hope it doesnt blow ass.

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I wonder how did you use your electric razor. Did you use to press too hard on your skin? Went through one area several times, over and over again? Those are common mistakes people do in order to get a good shave, but the problem with electric razors is that you won't get a perfect, smooth shave in most cases (depending on the quality of the razor). I've been using an electric razor while on the regimen and I never get irritated. I try to stretch my skin a little bit and go very gently, just once or twice over one area. I also keep the razor clean and well--oiled. It works well for me and I get decent shaves.

Anyway, if you had made up your mind about using regular blade razors, the general suggestion is to make a big thick lather with your cleanser and use it to shave. Also, do it while in the shower.

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