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This will make you feel better

Hey everyone if your feeling depressed about your skin just kick back with a few of your best friends, smoke a joint and listen to UB40. Trust me, all your worrys will just melt away and life will become a beautiful gift once more... If all else fails here are some words of wisdom:

"Two men looked out of

The prison bars;

The one saw mud; The other

Saw stars"

Just remember to never give up hope. Because longing for paradise is paradise itself...

Oh, just one more thing. I can't believe how uneducated some people are when it comes to acne. I'm talking about those lucky bastards who are blessed with perfect clear skin and seem to think that someone with acne must have bad hygiene. My good friend is one of these people. The other day we saw a kid who had severe, and i mean SEVERE cystic/nodular acne. After gaping rudely at this poor guy for several minutes, my friend turns round and says to me "that guy needs to wash his face a bit more often" I know my friend very well and this was not a sarcastic remark, he was dead serious. Um yeah im sure that guy goes through a living hell everyday simply because he can't be bothered washing his face twice a day . What a stupid-ass thing to say!

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Educate your friend please! :| Maybe once he understands he'll be able to tell other ignorant peeps..

Oh, and I liked that little poem. Ta. :D

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