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Da Real BucK

Tanning and the regimen

does anybody here use the regimen and tan? do you know of any good tanning accelerators or bronzers u can use on ur face for indoor tanning that wont clog pores? or maybe u can just put it on for the little time u tan and it wont clog pores that bad enough to cause break outs? any ideas.

do u think this would causeb break outs


Golden, dark tanning facial tanning and a gorgeous, clear complexion are within your reach. This innovative facial bronzer with Salicylic Acid clears blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts while soothing comforters condition the skin to help prevent irritation. All this while developing a deep uminous tan.

and can hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free products still cause acne?

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Tanning is never good, especially when using medications like benzoyl peroxide.

The following are some of my posts from another thread called "Tanning: Not Working Out Like I Hoped!"

"UV rays from sun exposure kill off acne-causing bacteria, which is one reason why people may notice an improvement in acne after tanning, but not all the bacteria are killed. While the UV rays are killing the bacteria, they are also prematurely killing skin cells and permanently damaging the skin. As a defensive mechanism, the skin thickens. The increase in dead skin cells combined with thicker skin increases clogged pores by hindering the skin's natural sloughing off process. Meanwhile, the surviving bacteria are given a chance to recooperate and soon are thriving inside all the clogged pores; due to UV damage, the skin is less able to defend itself against these bacteria. Next thing you know, you have a major breakout.

As a side note, because UV rays damage the deeper layers of the skin they also damage pore function. This may be why some people seem to notice an excess in sebum.

There are safer ways to achieve a darker skintone such as self-tanning sprays and lotions. If you want to make sure the job's done right, go to a salon or spa; many offer this service. Also, some of these salons and spas offer a kind of "abdomen contouring," which involves the strategic application of spray-on-tanner to shadow and outline the abdominal area, thus creating the look of toned abs. Abdomen contouring is recommended for those that are not overweight."

"...Tanning most definately leads to premature aging, cataracts, cellulite, the surfacing of capillaries, and skin cancer. Many of the sun's negative effects can be seen before the age of thirty and sometimes even before the age of twenty. (LabGirl, who does not burn, had a skin cancer lesion removed in her early twenties, which left a scar.) Tanning is definately a bad idea.

To protect yourself, get a sunscreen with AT LEAST an SPF 15 and even higher for long-term sun exposure. Make sure your sunscreen is applied liberally; most people don't apply enough. Also, if you go swimming or are sweating a lot, it is typically recommended to reapply your sunscreen every two hours even if your sunscreen is water-resistant.

In case you didn't know, not all sunscreens adequately block against UVA rays, which are most likely to lead to the harmful side effects mentioned above. In the US, avobenzone (Parsol 1789), titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide are the only sunscreen ingredients that offer enough UVA protection. Outside the US, mexoryl sx is recognized to adequately protect against UVA rays. Avobenzone (and possibly mexoryl sx, but I'm not sure) is not likely to clog pores, unlike zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I have heard rave reviews over Neutrogena's Dry Touch line.

FYI: I asked my parents what dermatologists did to help their patients with acne back in the day, and they told me that sunlamps were used to tan the skin. Then I asked them whether or not tanning worked, and they said yes, but they always broke out worse shortly after.

Even if tanning worked temporarily, why do you suppose dermatologists no longer recommend tanning or unprotected sun-exposure to treat acne?"

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As for tanning on a sunbed I go on one every other day and have not had any problems. However, I do cover my face yp after 30 seconds on my front as I've always found that tanning aggrivated my acne (although it doe sthe opposite for a lto of people) and because I don't want to burn as I am using BP. As for self-tanners I use St Tropez whipped bronze and think its great. I've never had any problems with it causing breakouts and it doesn't leave me orange either! :cool:

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