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Has anyone ever used DDF Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel?

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I purchased it from Sephora and have been using it for a two days so far. Not sure how well it's working yet. Just wanted to know other peoples' experiences with it.

Thanks! Will keep you posted if it works...

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Hey fruity,

So far it's going pretty good! My skin feels softer (VERY SOFT) and my pores *look* smaller. I think it's prevented some pimples from forming (like on the right side of my face --> totally clear compared to before except a few red marks), but I'm still getting a few tiny ones here and there (on the left side of my face. wierd huh?) I have a lot of faith in this product though because it just feels good on my skin. I use it at night because it's supposed to make your skin really sensitive to the sun during the day. It kinda stings on the pimples that are open or the ones I've picked at, but the stinging goes away fast. Hopefully after a few more weeks, my skin'll be clear!

On makeupalley, some reviews say they stopped getting pimples as soon as they started using this product. That wasn't the case for me. I'm still getting some here and there, not big ones or anything, but I hope that's just my skin adjusting to the product.

It's also helped to fade some post-acne marks. Not the old ones I've had, but the newer ones. They aren't completely gone, but I can tell that they are somewhat lighter...b/c I don't have to coverup with so much concealer. On the right side of my cheek, I used to have a buncha under the skin bumps but they've pretty much smoothed out after jojoba oil and the glycolic gel.

Who would've thought that glycolic acid and SA would work so well together! I tried lots of things before (clean and clear, mario badesco's drying lotion, home remedies, aspirin mask (which I don't think is too good for you)) but this is the one product I feel really good about. I hope it keeps working!!

Here's a bit of my skin's history if you want to know more:

I had used Shiseido's pureness line for a long time but wasn't really seeing any results with it. I think most of the money goes to packaging for their stuff. Then, I used Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, which didn't clean enough for me...I felt like I just got a buncha filmy stuff on my skin. Then, I tried Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil, TTO, and their Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. I have to say that jojoba oil is awesome for dry skin and for my hair. Makes it nice and silky. It also feels really good on my skin. I use it to take off makeup (bare minerals <-- this doesn't break me out and covers well if you don't cake it on) and sometimes when my skin is extra dry I use it as a moisturizer, but it doesn't sink in amazingly like other people have said and it leaves me looking really oily. TTO was way too strong for my skin so I don't use it anymore. And I have yet to find a good spot treatment....I'm allergic to BP.

On this board, there were people who raved about TTO + jojoba oil and I tried that combo for about a month or so....it was good, nothing bad, but didn't prevent pimples as well as I wanted it to. So, I stopped the TTO but I still use jojoba now sometimes. The cleanser I mentioned was pretty good too....it smelled really bad though. It comes out of the pump like water, but lathers up really well and gets all foamy. I'm trying to use less products on my skin because I really think less is more and more generally translates into irritation, so for the past few weeks, I've just been washing my face when I shower with some hot water and a washcloth. So far so good.

Also, my skin is dehydrated (all the people who give me facials tell me that) so washing my face like that sorta dries it out even more. During the day, when I need it, I use DDF's dew moisturizer. Extremely lightweight, doesn't feel sticky afterwards and haven't broken out from it ....yet! Stupid acne! At night, the glycolic gel provides enough moisture.

You should go to sephora to get some samples of the DDF products. They're very generous with samples and I think DDF is a really good (but expensive) brand.

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