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Should i consider myself to have Adult Acne?

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Ive read some people dont believe anyone under 25 should consider themselves to have adult acne. is this true? at what age would you normally say you certainly are suffering from adult acne?

im 22 years old and have seen over the last year my acne is becoming less common. At what age do your hormones begin to 'stabilise' if you will? because i still believe im suffering from hormonal acne. I believe my testosterone levels are too high, which is also the reason why i cant gain any weight.

can anyone shed some light on this?

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I think it's safe to say that a person suffers from adult acne when his/her body is fully grown. Aren't women fully grown by age 20 with height etc? Don't quote me on that.

I believe you are suffering from adult acne and yes, it is caused by your hormones. Acne is almost always hormone related except for something in the air, or those people who are allergic to something and they just don't know it. For example, this one guy was plagued by acne for most of his life, and one day stopped drinking mountain dew soda ( which he would drink religiously) because the country he was visiting didn't have it. He didn't drink the "dew" for 2 weeks and so he cleared up. He finally realized he was allergic to it and his reaction was acne. He's been clear ever since. Most of us aren't that lucky to find that our acne is an allergic reaction. In my opinion, the majority of the time it is hormonally based.

Your body stabilizes whenever it wants and can destabilize whenever it wants. I experienced the latter. My hormones were normal until I was 24. Then, hormones went crazy. Why? The derm responded: "Because it can."

You should maybe look into a regimen. If that doesn't help in 3 months, you should go see a doctor.

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:( I'm 20...I never had bad acne...Just normal acne for a teen..and I was put on the depo shot..and all went to hell...I'm finally off it..I can't have a period...and I have cysts all over my face...I finally broke down and went to a derm...I've only been going for like three months and they've already put me on accutane (I start in july)...I went to a derm closer to my college...and I went to one at home to get a cortisone..and as soon as she saw all the drugs i had been on for hormonal acne (spiro...yasmin...benzaclin...and doxy) she signed me up for ipledge...My gyno told me it would be years before i was back to normal (hormone-wise)...

I was so depressed...there are so many times i didn't leave my house...I've gained weight because i'm too embarrassed to go to the gym because my makeup my sweat off....

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How long were you on spiro, yasmin etc.? How did they work for you? I'm taking 3 meds as well for my acne. Why did your gyno say that it would take years for your hormones to balance out?

Don't be sad. It will get better. Accutane is the miracle drug for acne. It will get better. :comfort:

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i have been on yasmin since christmas..and spiro for about three months..

They have worked fairly well...I think the yasmin is starting to help, slowly...

I was on depo provera (the bc shot) for about three years...

After you stop taking it it can take years for you to get back to normal (one shot lasts three months...you also stop having a period while taking it)...So, I haven't had a period in about a year and a half (after i was taken off the medicine). So, my doctor told me it could take years to get myself back to normal :cry:

oh well...i never had this problem before....So, if anyone's on depo, please reconsider...It can really mess you up...

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I'm about to turn 25, and while I've had acne consistently since puberty, its nature changed around age 22. I use to have smooth skin with zits (with no self-exfoliation), and now I have bumpy, clogged skin with zits.

A derm I saw at 22 said I was at the awkward stage of being between adolescent and adult acne. Since then I feel my acne has grown up and evolved with me. And to be quite candid for a moment, if my libido is any indicator, hormonal balance has yet to greet me.

Adult. Adolescent. It's all still acne. However, if you've reached 22 and you're still waiting to grow out of it, you better be patient or start taking action. I, for one, will not allow another dermatologist to tell me I'm fine based on the thirty seconds he or she looked at my skin, when I know how it behaves and affects me day to day. Nor should you.

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i dunno...i've just had enough of everything. Not being able to gain any weight and acne both ruin my life. I can't see myself every fully growing out of it. I dont mind the odd spot once in a while, but im just waiting for the more persistant acne to go. will this ever happen? probably not.

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My skin started breaking out at 25 when i went off the pill...before that i had always had a couple of occasional mild breakouts around my time of the month. I know that my breakouts are caused by stress and hormones...stress causes imbalances in the hormones. For example, if i've had a shit day, it's pretty much a given i will get a spot :eh: it's much better since i went back on the BCP with an androgen blocker.

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