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Unveven Complexion

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I suffered chronic acne through the last two years of junior high and some of my first year of high school. I still get the occasional pimple but it seems to have mostly gone away on its own as I grew up. I was left with various red marks however, as it started to clear up. This was last year (school year) and for quite a while I thought that my red marks would be with me for quite a while. Until I realized a few months ago that my red marks had actually basically gone. However, my complexion is fairly uneven and somewhat red. It seems to vary from day to day at times, and I'm under the impression that it has something to do with my circulation. I tried going back to moisturizing daily, I tried the method of rubbing an ice cube on your face to increase circulation, I tried exfoliation, I tried drinking water more frequently. All of these things seemed to help temporarily, and on some days it doesn't look that bad at all, just a kind of..pinkish discolouration in some spots. But on other days my face gets red as an apple, and can be triggered by a number of things (stress,physical exertion etc.). Has anyone else experienced this or know any ways to fix it? I'm a male with a usually pale complexion.

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Guest nec77

i've had red marks for a couple of years now. they are like small red dots that i cant feel. i went to a laser dr. and he wanted me to try a glycolic acid wash (MD forte cleanser I is the name) and "Vivier Kine-C" - vitamin c + kinetin serum. I've been using this stuff for 2 weeks and I believe I see a slight improvement. He told me in 2 months I should see a great improvement. Maybe you could try jacking up your vitamin C intake. Some people take pills but I just drink OJ and eat "Total" cereal. Out of curiosity, do your red marks look much better when you wake up in the morning?

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Sorry, I guess I should have been clearer. I thought I still had redmarks but I was actually mistaking an uneven, almost blotchy complexion of my skin for remaining red marks that hadn't quit faded. However I did notice before that my red marks did look much better in the morning often times.

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Mine look better in the morning too. My whole face in comparrison does. For some odd reason..when I wake up my face is so glowey. But at night time, or if iget nooooo sleep I look washed out.

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I have a lot of post-inflammatory redness on my fair skin too. Heat, sweat, and skin irritation are guaranteed to aggravate mine. I think that the skin looks better first thing in the morning because you haven't done anything to aggravare it yet. No hot shower, no skin care products, no stress. On Tuesday I have a consultation with a doctor who specializes in laser treatments to see about zapping my redness away. I am not sure what he'll suggest, but it will probably be V-Beam.

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