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purpose cleanser v. purpose bar

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Well I never posted a lot on here, but I really haven't been here for awhile bc the regimen has been working well for me :) It took about a month and a half or two to get things evened out, but now I am pretty happy with the results. I don't have perfect skin, and have the occasional breakout now and then, but coming from where I was before... I am quite happy! So to those who are having a frustrating first month or two, keep and it, and don't be afraid to give your skin a little break of a night if it's getting too irritated. things have been great for me except for a little while when i moved and didn't have my purpose cleaner for several days... Even though I don't have perfect skin (yet!), things are looking good enough that I don't have that "I really would rather just stay in tonight" feeling anymore. One of these days maybe I'll actually get around to posting some before/after pictures....

But this brings me to my question -- I'm about to spend six week in europe. My couple days substituting soap for the purpose cleanser and missing a couple applications taught me that yes, I really do need to keep doing what I started off doing for this to keep working! However, the purpose cleaner bottles run out really fast, and I get the feeling that if I flew with them they'd leak all over the place. Which isn't good....

I'm going to try using the purpose cleanser bars, but I don't have long enough before I leave to test them properly. Does anyone have experience with those vs. the liquid? I really don't want to travel with enough of the liquid to last me 6 weeks. I'd need a couple bottles, then they'd probably leak, then I'd have problems.

Also, how long do the bars usually last with 2x day usage? I am trying to figure out how many of those to take.


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from my experience bars last significantly longer than liquid. i use the basis sensitive skin cleansing bar and it is not more than half gone in the month and a half that i have been using it. i cant speak specifically to the purpose bar, but i would expect it would last close to that time. the problem with bars is that they tend to be slightly more drying than liquid cleansers so i would expect your results to change a bit if you changed from the liquid to the bar. you might want to consider trying flip top bottles. you can buy travel size bottles with this flip top that does not leak and you can fill those with your liquid cleanser. of course, you might have to buy a few of those which could be troublesome to carry. since it is summer, the drying effects of a cleansing bar may not bother you and the bar may be the way to go. i guess you have to weigh your priorities and figure out what you think would be best for you. good luck!

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I have experience with both the purpose bar and cleanser. The bar does seem to last longer and is cheaper than the liquid, but it seems to make my skin dryer. I use the liquid because it doesn't dry out my face and it seems to make my skin feel better .

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